Why Dentists Like You Are Choosing Toothority

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More and more dentists are incorporating Toothority into their practices. Here’s what using our videos, brochures, and other materials can do for your practice:


Get more of your patients to say, “Yes!”

“I’ll have to think about it.” 

How often have you heard that one? You’ve told the patient how urgent the procedure is, that if they wait, their teeth could get worse and that it could end up being more expensive for them. It doesn’t matter. They’re just not ready to decide. 

But now you can do more than tell them. You can show them! If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a gorgeous animation in brilliant 4K is worth! Once they can visualize the procedure, they’ll be far more ready to say, “Yes! Let’s do this!”

Less squirming in the chair.

Patients are a nervous bunch. Many have a specific phobia of dentists. You don’t see why. You’re a friendly person. Maybe your friends even think you’re the life of the party. But let’s face it, no matter how good your people skills are, in the office, you’re still the one holding the drill. 

But when patients know exactly what to expect, thanks to seeing it in your Toothority  presentation, their imagination is no longer running wild. After all, the scariest thing is the unknown. But now they’ve seen the procedure for themselves. Suddenly, they’re much more relaxed. 

It’s easy.

Getting used to new technology can be as hard as convincing your patients to floss! Well, almost as hard. (By the way, we have a video about that, too.) But the Toothority chair-side interface[B1] for your tablet is simple to use and easy to search. You’ll have the hang of it in no time, if not sooner.

Your website will be even more impressive.

That’s right. Signing up with Toothority entitles you to use any of our videos on your practice’s website. Imagine how impressed your potential customers will be.

You’ll have the highest quality videos in the industry.

You may have seen some of the other patient education videos out there. Our crystal clear 4K videos are unmatched in the industry. They’re peer-reviewed and visually beautiful, because your patients deserve the best, and so does your practice. Check out our library of patient education videos for yourself.

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